LCS snowplowingAvailable exclusively to our commercial clients, LCS provides snow removal and ice management, ensuring your parking lot, walkways and entranceways are safe. Our staff is on alert 24/7 so your business can go uninterrupted. We are licensed and certified members of Snow & Ice Management Association and Certified Snow Professionals.


Preparedness is Key

Climate change has made us all acutely aware of the sudden shifts and extraordinary weather patterns that can strike. Prior to the season, an LCS Snow Response Expert will visit your site and access your specific needs creating an effective plan ready to put into place when the first snow falls. Having a reliable plan in place that can be readily executed impacts the safety of your customers, clients, patients, residents, staff members and guests. It includes:

  • Identifying designated areas for plowing, noting high traffic areas, blind spots, curbs and parking areas
  • Locating potential hazard spots requiring de-icing
  • And labeling sidewalks, walkways and ramps in need of shoveling

Post-storm Clean up:  This is an added plus to LCS’ Snow Response Plan. Clean up will continue even after the storm has passed, eliminating the unsightly mess and potential hazards. Our team will even make recommendations for any site repairs.