Available exclusively to our commercial clients, LCS provides snow removal and ice management, ensuring your parking lot, walkways and entranceways are safe. Our staff is on alert 24/7 so your business can go uninterrupted. We are licensed and certified members of Snow & Ice Management Association and Certified Snow Professionals.snow removal poughkeepsie


Reliable Service 24/7

Our Snow Removal Team is equipped with state-of-the-art communication and location technology, all-terrain vehicles, and heavy-duty commercial grade snow removal equipment for prompt, effective service. We are always on-call.

Choose from these snow removal services:

Hauling from the site
Stacking snow in designated areas safely on the property


80% of Falls Happen with less than 1 inch of Snow

With the emphasis on safety, LCS provides salting and de-icing agents as part of our Winter Service Package. Our goal is to keep all surfaces that people cross through on your site free from dangerous ice.

LCS is one of the few Landscaping companies with salt trucks equipped with radar to stay on top of fast approaching, inclement weather. Ice barely has a chance when LCS is on the job.