One of the Area’s Most Prestigious Landscape Design Companies

Our landscape designers bring a distinctive look to your business. From the selection of plantings, their impact to the site through the seasons, treatment of pathways, integration with parking areas, even showcasing your business logo or signage. These elements and more are considered in creating the ideal landscape look and treatments. Our process is simple:

  • Initial Consultation: Our LCS designer meets with you or your assigned staff member to review your site, discuss ideas and budget considerations. We also welcome the opportunity to work with your Landscape Architect, should you choose, and have a well -established reputation for working closely with many leading designers in the region.
  • Virtual Design 3-D Imaging: LCS was one of the first landscaping companies in the area to use Vision Scape, a 3-D layout imaging that enables our clients to experience the full impact of their design even before a plant or paver is put in the ground. The database even includes an extensive choice of plantings so you can see how your commercial property will look throughout the year. 3-D design also allows for easy revisions. No design is a go until you sign-off on it.
  • Material & Planting Selections: Every site is unique with specific needs such as topography, the path of the sun, shade, drainage, irrigation requirements…all these elements impact plant recommendations and materials. Sample selections will be presented for approval.  Our maintenance team can also provide an upkeep schedule to ensure the look of your design is pristine throughout the year.
  • Construction/Installation: Every job is assigned a project manager who has worked closely with our designer from design inception through to installation. This continuity ensures your job runs smoothly and on schedule. You have a business to run so we make it our business to make installation flawless without interruption to your day-to-day.
  • Final Walk-through & Approval: Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Our designer and project manager will conduct the final walk through with you and our checklist to ensure all the work is completed to your satisfaction.